Dreams Are Possible

Dreams Are Possible

Upcoming Classes

New classes begin about every 6 to 8 weeks. They will be on either Tuesday or Thursday evenings from 5:30-8:00PM. Check out the Classes page to see more information on how to register.


The mission of Dreams Are Possible is to prepare women, and those who identify as women for economically-sustainable employment by creating first-class, skill-based workers, helping them transition from jobs to careers, and preparing them to expect and advocate for a living wage, benefits, and dignity in the workplace.

About Dreams Are Possible

Dreams Are Possible is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women, and those who identify as women obtain better jobs and improve their family income. Classes offered enable women and those who identify as women to learn new skills and knowledge needed to obtain a job in the building trades and related fields.

In 2019 volunteers renovated a building at 1311 W. Olive St. in Bloomington and transformed it into a training center. The building enables training and space for women to gain hands-on experiences with a wide variety of tools needed in alternative areas of employment. Some classes will be co-taught with the instructor and a skilled member of a building trade.

A computer lab is available on-site. This provides opportunities for online training as well as for extensive practice, with emphasis on the basic math skills needed in all the trades. If some assistance is needed in completing your GED, this may also be available. There are several certifications which can be completed online which will also help make you more employable.

If, on occasion, you are unable to find alternative care for your children during classes staff will work with you to address needs so that you may focus on your training.

Keep your eyes on this site to register for classes. Now is the time for you to increase your skills, learn about new areas of employment, and prepare to earn more income for you and your family.

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