Our Mission

The Mission of Dreams Are Possible is to support women and non-binary individuals, by providing them with the knowledge and tools to grow their confidence and prepare them for both living wage jobs and dignity in an inclusive workplace. We promote mutual respect of all people, regardless of gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.

Our Facilities

In 2019 volunteers from throughout the community renovated our building at 1311 W. Olive St. in Bloomington, transforming it into an educational and training center. The building provides the space for women to explore new areas that will enable them to transition from a job to a career. In addition to the 10-week class series, offered twice a week in either the morning or the evening, students can attend a variety of special workshops offered on various topics which they have requested. The facility provides the space for the students to explore a wide range of possible areas of employment for their future. Some classes are co-taught with the instructor and a volunteer from the community with unique expertise in the topic area.

Dreams Are Possible partners with Heartland Community College in offering a course that results in a certification as a forklift driver.

Additional Information

Dreams Are Possible partners with Heartland Head Start so as to provide the opportunity for the student to attend the classes in the morning while their child is in care.

Keep your eyes on this site to register for classes. Now is the time for you to increase your skills, learn about new areas of employment and prepare to earn more income for you and your family.

About our logo

Our logo was designed to represent this neighborhood-based outreach program for women and non-binary individuals. The elements of intersecting circles represent the cooperation of existing community training programs, volunteers and those individuals served by the program. The center point of intersection functions as a description of the meeting space, a physical space where women meet and learn. The dotted lines and energy marks give the logo a sense of movement and energy representing the empowerment of women as they network, learn skills and train for employment.