Classes pay $14 an hour and cover a wide range of essential professional skill topics to help you prepare for a better job and work towards your dream career.

Upcoming Classes

Common Questions

The most common questions have been answered below. For additional information please contact us at (309) 287-5109 or send an email to

Who are the classes for?Dreams classes are offered for women and non-binary individuals….
When is class?Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-7:30pm
Tuesday/Thursday 9-11am
How long is each session of the classes?Each class is offered in a 10 week series.
Where are classes held?1311 W. Olive St.
Bloomington, IL 61701
Why are these classes being offered?Training, resume development, job preparation, special workshops and Earn While You Learn, which pays the students a stipend of $14/hr for attending class.
How will they prepare you?By creating first-class, skill-based workers, helping transition from jobs to careers, and preparing to expect and advocate for a living wage, benefits, and dignity in the workplace.
What is provided during classes?Training, books, exposure to Heartland Community College short term certificate programs, and hands on experiences are provided.
When do I need to register?Classes are on a 12 week rotation. Contact for specific dates.
How do I sign up for class?Call (309) 287-5109 or send an email to  in order to arrange an appointment to complete the registration process.